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Two very useful HTML5/CSS3 “Cheat Sheets”

HTML5/CSS3 are the heart and soul of creating a website. But when it comes to these languages, even the experienced coders, can’t know everything. That is when a “cheat sheet” becomes very useful. Even a master coder can use a little guidance every now and then. For those who have the basic skills to create a website, these HTML 5 CSS3 cheat sheets can boost a coder’s performance and are easily accessible in one place. These compilations have been created to make the work of web designers and developers easy and more efficient. HTML5/CSS3 are the newest languages with some differences compared to the previous versions. Although the languages have many options and have made the insertion of images and videos pretty easy, there are still times when it’s tough to remember all the nuances, which is why these HTML5/ CSS3 cheat sheets are so handy. 1. CSS3 Cheat Sheet (PDF)   3. CSS Properties Index Hopefully these updated “cheat sheets” benefit coders. Let us know how useful they were in the comment section.

11 Excellent CSS3 Techniques, Libraries and Examples

Almost every web-related function can be done with a little help from CSS. It’s just amazing what magic CSS can create and it’s super fun and easy to use.  We’ve prepared this article to give you a little glimpse of the richness that CSS3 offers. We’ve tried to provide with some of the best CSS3 libraries and techniques that are available online. 1. Navigation Bar This shows users how they can utilize the power of CSS3 to introduce new depth to a navigation bar. This tutorial teaches how to use only a 65 line long CSS code to create a navigation bar which looks and feels elegant and classy. It uses transition and transform features to give a new feel to the navigation bar. 2. Blur Menu Consisting of seven separate kinds of tutorials, Blur Menu teaches designers how to create cool blurry effects using CSS3 while creating a menu bar for a website. It is a polished usage of CSS which creates a sleek menu. 3. A Complete Guide to Flex Box Flexbox is the name given to the new way by which the CSS arranges the page layouts. It helps in changing the length, depth and width of the HTML content to fit the desired screen size. A Complete Guide to Flex Box provides you with an elaborate illustration of how flexbox works and how it can be used to benefit a designer’s work. 4. Understanding CSS Filter Effects This tutorial provides a detailed description of CSS filters. Those who are looking for a place to educate themselves about the various methods by which they can use a number of the CSS filters, this tutorial is just perfect. It also gives fair ideas about browser compatibility and performance issues. 5. Spinkit Spinkit shows designers how to use CSS to create some stylish loading indicators to use on a website and play around with them. Easy to use and simple codes are the main advantages of Spinkit. 6. Colors .css It can be irritating to pick colors for the Hex codes. However, Colors.css may help by offering an alternative to it. 7. Colorful CSS3 Animated Navigation Menu Without using JavaScript or Image shortcuts, designers can now create beautiful navigation menus that are colorful and filled with animations. CSS helps designers to create drop down navigation bars with vivid colors and exiting animations. 8. Sliding Image Panel Sliding Image Panel is a smooth way of using CSS to produce image panels. It is highly sophisticated and perfected to the last pixel. It is completely JavaScript free and is a very fine tuned product that come with a tutorial consisting of four various types of processes. 9. Logos In Pure CSS Logos In Pure CSS is the complete tutorial of how CSS is used to create famous brand logos. This site provides designers with the whole code which has been used to create these logos. On top of that it also allows users to hover their mouse over portions of the logos giving users an opportunity to check out how and which CSS code has been applied to create that part of the logo. 10. CSS A/Z CSS A/Z utilizes CSS to create animations with the help of alphabets. The desired alphabet is brought to life with the help of illustrative animations using CSS codes and this tutorial shows users how to do that. 11. Google Doodle in CSS Google offers some pretty cool Doodles in CSS. It is very smooth and doesn’t use a bit of JavaScript. So we hope these examples and tutorials will help you to learn and have fun with CSS3. Since most websites are coded with CSS3 so you’ll need it at all times. Let us know in the comments about any other tutorials or libraries that may aide fellow website developers.

25 Top Creative HTML5 Websites for Inspiration

HTML 5 provides a cleaner and improved coding system for developers. It also has improved semantics that clearly distinguishes between the headers, nav, footers, easy accessibility, better consistency, and elegant form. Here are 25 creative HTML 5 websites developers can use for inspiration: 1. Mark Dearman 2. Angry Birds Space 3. After Glow Ski Game 4. Anna Safroncik 5. MetroPolBand 6. BurgerKing 7. Birrificio Irpino 8. James Anderson 613 9. Spotify Year in Music 10. LyonAeroports 11. CheesePlease Game 12. Fritzo 13. Calm 14. Netlash Project 15. The Wilderness Downtown 16. SoulReaper 17. DSG 18. Bright Media 19. DigitalHands 20. The Expressive Web 21. Nicola Zanon 22. Mike Kus 23. Ian Coyle 24. TheFlov 25. Nimian Legends

Eight Creative CSS3 Image Hover Effects Tutorials

In the world of animation and 3D multimedia, image hover effects are popular. Site designers try to use various types of image hover effects in websites. In this article we have gathered eight of the latest CSS image hover effects tutorials that provide new features for web designers:

20 Creative CSS Websites for Web Developers

New websites are being created every day, and HTML and CSS are being driven to new limits. When CSS3 gets full approval and acceptance from all standard web browsers, it is going to be one important language for all web designers. CSS3 is fun and user friendly and helps in making the job of a web designer easier. Here are 20 creative CSS websites to help inspire web developers: 1. 96Elephants 2. Verden SKuleste Dag 3. VLog 4. Pencil 5. Mijlo 6. Casta Diva Interiors 7. Amazee Labs 8. Sign with Envoy 9. We are C2 10. Slavery Footprint 11. MoreSleep 12. Thankful Registry 13. RetroFuzz 14. SofaSMC 15. Teamgeek 16. Family of Fish 17. Windows of NewYork 18. ShowReel 19. Tao Studio Design 20. NDC