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  • Kevin

    I don’t understand how you can call Internet Explorer 8 ancient, it shipped with with Windows 7. Also, and I am really serious about this question, but how do you build a site that is totally awesome in one web browser, but completely functionless in another? It is like you are saying, “Internet Explorer users are not cool enough for my site…please leave and don’t come back!”.

    • http://www.css3files.com Christian Krammer

      Well, compared to other “modern” browsers it IS ancient. You might have also viewed css3files.com in IE8 and noticed that it looks, with no exaggeration, perfect in this browser. It just lacks a few CSS3 properties but is otherwise completely the same. And by the way, it also looks good in IE7 and is still usable in IE6.

      So please don’t blame me for something, that purely isn’t right. And just ask a random other web-designer, she/he will have the same opinion about this topic. So, like I said before, don’t let the Internet Explorers spoil the fun. Unfortunately that’s what actually has happened …

    • http://www.skyborough.net David

      You are very correct about IE – I wonder where Microsoft is or where it is going. They are late to keep up all the time.

      Yet another: I am using a lot of video and thought I’d try Microsoft’s WMV file and its player. It works fine all the browsers EXCEPT IE-9. I spent 2 hours trying to see why IE did not support Microsoft’s own video format and player and gave up. I have better things to do. The Flash player is still the most dependable (but they are screwing it up too.)

      So, try using SilverLight for video??? I have SilverLight installed on my PC and every time a webpage loads with a SilverLight Video it stops and tells me I have to install SilverLight (which IS installed). So, I gave up on that too.

      We all have so much time to get our work done and learn the new technologies and fussing with Microsoft’s untested and buggy software is not fun.

  • Kevin

    The functionless part of my comment wasn’t referring to how it looked, but how some of the buttons I pushed on internal pages didn’t work.

    And I didn’t mean to blame you…I think your site rocks! Maybe I am more of a customer service guy, but I just don’t understand why so many people are flocking to technology that will degrade the user experience when viewing on IE…

    Would you recommend using CSS3 on a small business website in which 68 percent of the users use IE?

    • http://www.css3files.com Christian Krammer

      Could you please give me an example which buttons don’t work? I would be delighted to fix them. My absolute goal is that css3files.com is usable in as many browsers and on as many platforms as possible.

      Thanks for the compliment, maybe I misunderstood you a little bit. But no matter.

      The point is, that the IEs make it really easy to complain about them. But it really depends on you as a web-designer. If you give a bit attention to the CSS and the HTML then to support all the IEs isn’t too much work (besides to IE6, which really IS a pain, but many people have no chance).

      And yes, I would DEFINITELY suggest to use CSS3, no matter how many of your visitors still use IE7, IE8 or whatever. CSS3 degrades really well and it makes your site future proof. Don’t think about the IEs if you start to develop a site, think about the modern browsers first. That’s the way website should be developed nowadays.

      But I really understand everybody that is a bit frustrated if he/she can’t exhaust the full potential of CSS3 because not many of his/her visitors will see the benefits. But everyone that does will thank you, trust me!