You are the best!

A recent tweet from Patrick H. Lauke inspired me to this post:

you know those days where you think you don’t know anything about anything and there’s far smarter people out there? yes, one of those…

Everybody knows these moments, when every single human on earth seems to know more, be capable of more, be more successful (and maybe is also by far more handsome ;)) than you? A pretty good place to cause such feelings is Twitter. Just scroll through the timeline and there is a big chance that you find person A who has “invented a hot new CSS3 technique”, person B who claims to have “pulled of a huge new client” or person C who boasts to have “single-handedly cured the world from cancer in the last 5 minutes”? I neither want to blame these humain beeings nor Twitter itself, because it is basically a media for such self-display. Yeah, just don’t use Twitter if you fear such comparisons.

But then I call into my mind that such feelings are completely inappropriate. I know that I absolutely rule, that I do my best to keep up to date and to learn something new every day. And that I’m the perfect one for the job I pursue on a daily basis. Although not all of that may be entirely true, as long as you do everything whole-hearted, you do your very f*****g best.

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    I’m glad I’ve just read this post. Feel much better, thanks!