Hail to the king, baby

You may think about Apple whatever you want. But one has to admit that the iPad is a real masterpiece. Not only in terms of marketing but also as a product itself. Yes, I also don’t like that it’s produced under less-than-ideal conditions somewhere in the world and the company from California tries to do its best to sue everybody else who wants to establish a competitor. But besides that, it has taken the competition a very long time to come even close to the iPad with a comparable product, namely the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. In my eyes it’s the only tablet that can rival with Apple’s one.

Anyway, for me as a web-designer it’s pretty perfect. It not only allows me read my favorite e-books about responsive websites or HTML5 or even the most recent issue of .net magazine at the couch. I also can check websites for their fluidity, read some tweets from my appreciated colleagues and keep my own followers informed, check for the newest mails about the business, draw a little bit or extend my monitor.

From this perspective I really love it. Sure, all of that can also be done right in front of the computer, but not nearly as cozy. Of course there are also Android tablets, I even have an Android smartphone I really admire, but the iPad still is the measure of all things for me.