The reason for my absence

One or two of you may have noticed that there isn’t much going on at css3files in the last weeks. You know, there are times in life when some things are more important than others. And I experience such a phase right now. The foremost reason is that I have attended a drawing lesson in the last weeks and plan to do so in the the coming months.

Since I have no traditional graphical education or whatsoever and everything is self-taught I sometimes felt a big emptiness inside of me. Of course I know how to do my job as a web-designer, but in graphical terms I lacked a bit of self-confidence from time to time. That’s why I decided to do my best to catch up on that. Since my time is limited I have to put as much effort as possible into this drawing lesson. Therefore other things, like this website or the need to keep up-to-date at all things about web-design, aren’t that important right now.

You know, you have to set priorities. And I still want to have some spare time, life isn’t all about working. Whenever I stumble upon an interesting topic I will try to write about it, but since there is a lack of input at the moment, there won’t also be too much output. I know how important it is to keep up-to-date in our business and I try to dedicate at least a little bit of time to it, but it’s no easy task. So please bear with me.