Why graphic designers should learn to draw

This morning I accidentally stumpled over a recent article over at Smashing Magazine called “I Draw Pictures All Day”. But not the article itself was what got me excited, but the comments and the recommended follow-up articles. In the former I read about a proposal for “15min exercises”, which suggests to set a timer and draw/doodle/sketch something for 15 minutes a day. Since I currently attend a drawing lesson I was immediately excited and will do that from now on. The second thing which inspired me were the linked articles, thereof “Why graphic designers should learn to draw”. Since that I read a bunch of articles about this topic and want to suggest them to you in the following:

And, by the way, I also think that a designer, no matter which discipline, should be able to draw. It’s essential for our profession.

  • https://plus.google.com/110977198681221304891/posts/EEkMPYbHERJ Binyamin

    I agree, and it is the way it is supposed to be – any graphic designer need to know to draw, must know at least the basic of classic arts.

  • http://twitter.com/sharjeet harjeet singh

    Yes, i appreciate.Graphic designer should learn how to draw a character and create a png image of that document.
    Team S plus H