“Designing for the Web”

A long time ago I was in search of book about general design principles like layout, grids, typography and so on to make good for my lack of education in this topics. Luckily the famous Mark Boulton (who’s also one of my favourite “web-guys”) had the same idea, namely that it would be a good idea to write such a book. Therefore I didn’t wait a minute and immediately ordered a digital copy of his workmanship called “Designing for the Web“. Unfortunately my enthusiasm was reined pretty fast, after I saw how enormous the book was and how many different topics it covered. So I rushed through it pretty listless and as a result I didn’t memorize much of its content. A real pity, because it’s such a great and informative book.

A fact that I only realized a few days ago when I stumbled upon the free web version of “Designing for the Web” by accident. Yep, it’s available for free (but still can be bought if you want to support Mark’s amazing work). And surprisingly now all the topics were much more interesting to me, not only because I advanced in a few of them and wanted to consolidate my knowledge (now more seriously), but also – since the book is now broken up into lighter bits due to its presentation on several web pages – it’s more easy to process. Now that I’m almost done with it (in a good way) I really can say that Mark wrote an amazing and very interesting book, which should be read by everybody who wants to know more about some fundamental design topics or just consolidate his or her knowledge.

  • Fernando

    Hello! The link to the free web version of “Designing for the Web” does not work.

    • http://www.css3files.com Christian Krammer

      Thanks for the hint. This site seems to have server issues pretty often. I’ve already contacted the operators that there are some troubles.

  • Fernando

    Vielen Dank und frohe Weihnachten!